Corona Virus a Global Saviour?

Ok so that is a little controversial and of course I would never suggest that the suffering and loss of life from this virus is a good thing, the world is facing a terrible silent killer right now and my thoughts and feelings are with everybody at the minute trying to assist in this global time of need or are living through the virus itself, I wish everybody well and hope to see the end of this global tragedy as soon as is possible.

The focus of this statement is that we have seen an unprecedented drop in pollution since the lockdown, if you look out of your window and think for a moment the air is cleaner the sky is clearer and the atmosphere actually seems less turbulent.

This is not just perception the Guardian ran this article recently see here there is an unprecedented drop in pollution and even ozone levels are up in the UK since the shutdown, these are all positives and things that ecologists have been asking us to do for as long as I can remember, the charts below illustrate what I am talking about.

Lessons to be learned

Nobody and I mean NOBODY would ever suggest that this Pandemic is a good thing but you cannot argue with the very real statistics provided above, this is not to say that we brought this on ourselves or that mankind deserves this for ruining the planet, rather it is a very important lesson, 1 in 6 people in the UK dying from lung cancer are NON-Smokers, this is starting, our children are affected in town centers while we are shopping and there are smog clouds gathering over cities around the world, since the lockdown these have dissipated almost overnight, this means that while this is not some form of divine retribution it is a valuable lesson we can learn,

The way we lived before was killing us slowly !

When we get through this, and we will get through this we need to take a look at the effect our stopping the pollution has had and start to think about sustaining our future, Corona Virus has made us all react as a global community because we have a common enemy to fight, that does not care about profit and can not be paid off to look the other way, we need to apply that to industries that pollute at will and then simply pay the imposed fines or offset the perceived harm by buying pollution credits from other countries.


I am not a raving green eco warrior, I am actually a petrol head IT consultant that has a thing for V8’s, I have in the past treated arguments such as the one I have presented here with disdain and have even openly mocked extinction rebellion and groups such as that, as they have dared to hold up my day with their protests, but I was wrong, very wrong the facts do not lie and the facts are that as a global race we need to re-think the legacy we leave for our children, we need to concentrate on the speed with which mother Earth responds to us stopping our constant bombardment of fumes and fossil fuels, and maybe just maybe we can provide a better future for all.