I wanted to start a page specifically addressing this subject, I personally have been experimenting with Nootropics, specifically Alpha-gpc for a while now and have had some results (as far as I can tell anyhow).

The thing that fascinates me (and the purpose of this website) is the idea that knowledge is the key to a better future, that if we take the time to educate ourselves we can find the answers to the riddles that hold us back, we can learn to amass finances and we can become proficient at flattening the traditional learning curves that plague the majority of us as we try and forge better lives for ourselves and our families.

Life as I see it should not be an uphill battle where only the few privileged people seem to have an inside line and as a result make their way forward with a consummate ease.

Nootropics is just one part of this ingredient that is often misunderstood as we are over sold promises by supplement companies who are maximising profits and sometimes holding on to the most watery research reporting theories as fact and combining this with low grade product as well.

The world is a harsh place and we need literally all the advantages we can can get, I will publish all my findings here over time and hopefully this will be of use to anybody looking to supercharge their minds and potential.

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