Book List

I wanted to keep a list of books and write a small synopsis of what I thought I got from each book which could then be used as a guide for others, as always this is purely my opinion but as I am constantly banging the “Reading is the key to progress” gong I should also put my money where my mouth is, remember though what I find useful and insightful isn’t necessarily what you will but as we appear to be on the same page we may be able to find some commonality.

I chose Jordan Belfort for the same reasons I chose all my sources of information, because he had demonstrated a genuine ability to do what he was teaching, rather publicly in Mr Belforts case, his ability to sell himself to people and to gain peoples confidence has been the subject of a film and several court cases, reading this book I would urge you to separate the message from the world of sales (unless that is what you are in) and see the bigger picture as Jordan himself points out all progression relies on the ability to influence others and to climb through ranks, you can only do this if you are likeable and people trust you, it is well written and humorous in many places as well as being a lesson in itself and not a vehicle to upsell a course or another book, there are a lot of insights on how to connect with the majority of people in the majority of situations as well as how to notice when you are wasting your time and you should just move on, one of my favourite books and to be honest I did go through it in a week!

This book was one of the first in a now long line of titles that use the “F word” to drum up interest, and as the author had used this method my hopes were not high, but it did come with a recommendation so I picked it up and started to read, the first few chapters to be honest sound like the kind of dialogue you would get from a group of lads at the weekend who have just learned to swear, but this eventually calms down and is then interspersed through the book in a relatively inoffensive manner, the message is that essentially we should pick and choose what we give a F**k about because we spend too much time giving a f**k about things that don’t matter and burying our heads in the sand on important issues, possibly this is a little cynical of me but I am sure we have all heard this message before but in different terms, in that respect I do not think there is any huge life changing message to be found here, however the way in which Mark relates his message is so different to the polished high brow presentations that I at least am used to is refreshing in my opinion, after all regardless of our standing in life or geographical location we all relate to educational material differently and to be honest you could have the best teacher in the world telling you something but if you do not speak the same language then the lesson is wasted.

Truthfully I feel that the writing disarms you and provides enough humour to make the read enjoyable and the message is a solid one, the only real concept I have issue with is the message that we should start to celebrate mediocrity, although he goes someway to justify this, it just does not fit with my personal beliefs.

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