I am just another human, I am not a doctor so do not take my advice as medically qualified in any way shape or form, nor am I trained in psychology so always consult a trained and qualified person if you have any concerns in any way about anything you are thinking or feeling and before setting out on any physical activity.

Also this is literally me going through what I have learned and sharing it, I do not advocate at any point that people copy me or follow any of the activities that I do, this is simply to share my results and for you to make up your own mind as to what you want to do, this is your life not mine and not anybody else’s you should never feel like you should blindly follow any advice or teachings unless you are happy that the fit with what you want, sometimes success comes simply from realising that we can and should follow our own path and not just follow others.

And most important never hurt anybody it is wrong and not nice, I have no proof yet either in favour or against Karma but you never know!