This is actually the second iteration of the About page on my site, the first gave a long winded explanation of what I am not, such as a doctor or psychiatrist and urged caution when following my advice, I have however since writing that changed my opinion.

So, it is true that I am not a doctor, nor am I trained in mental health or finance, but I feel that I did myself a disservice previously as the entire objective with this blog and site is to advise and potentially influence, advice comes in many forms, and people can become unwitting advisors based on their actions being observed by others and either replicated or avoided depending on the outcome.

So in that respect this is valid, the idea is to make people think about an alternative to the way they are living now rather than provide a prescription for happiness, it is suggest an idea that can be morphed to fit the readers life and desires and in this respect I stand by it, my site is primarily about health, bodybuilding and finance, all of which are subjective, what works for one person will not work for another and until you try you will never know, but until you have the idea you will never try, so please read on where you can and comment either good or bad on the content within, start a discussion and benefit from the huge amount of advice available, if you search long enough you will find the key to the formula that unlocks your potential.

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