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Can you still make it after 40 ?

First forget the adage “life begins at 40” it doesn’t, it never has and guess what friend ? it never will, life begins at 0 and ends when it ends, and what you do in the mean time is up to you, and if you are anything like the majority of us you probably reached 40 and were pissed off, life hadn’t cut you the breaks that it had others, and you have no savings, a shit car and a rented house, if this sounds like you read on, if not, well done you made it!

Every video you watch on YouTube, and every goddamn influencer or affiliate marketer gives you the same advice, over and over, work hard and get out the sum of what you put in multiplied by the length of time you apply the effort, usually delivered by some 30 year old that started when they were in their 20’s with just a dream and a laptop, I myself have been a proponent of the effort in = results out and for physical fitness and condition it holds true to a certain extent, but financial success? no I am not convinced that it does, you see all of these people are selling you something, they are selling you the promise of a life you could have had if only you had started earlier, and here is the real kicker, You cannot start earlier, I cannot go back to College and study computer networking and security to further my career now, I cannot go back to when Bitcoin was worth less than a cent, and buy a thousand dollars worth only to sit on it for ten years and sell at 16k per coin, and I cannot start working 20 hrs a day sleeping in my office while my website churns money during the day and working on it at night, why? because I have a family, I have a job and I have responsibilities that I take seriously, and like so many others that means time, time that I cannot be working on an internet business, so on the face of it there appears to be no hope and no way out of where you and indeed I are, but this becomes a self fulfilling prophesy in many ways because if we sit and think that there is no chance, no way that we can make any changes then we won’t, why? because we are sat on our arses spending time thinking about how we can’t make it, how the chips are stacked against us and how life is over at 40 not beginning.

The big names we already know, people I have referred to such as Jordan Belfort, and others that I have been looking at recently such as Stefan James, had a few things in common when they started, the first of which is youth, and before we look any further we stop because it is the one thing that we haven’t got any more right? it is the one blocker that no matter how hard we try we cannot ever get round (at least in this dimension) and so we forget the whole thing, and rather than go on and look we sit and rest easy that although life is hard there is nothing we can do about it so it is not our fault so we are miserable but ultimately off the hook, and perhaps even have a quick scroll through Instagram and look at the people that have either made it or are faking it.

But wait, what about the other things these people had in common? such as drive, clarity of vision, determination, intelligence, self education, opportunity and ability to push forward with a complete belief in what they were doing, self-purpose is more than just something that can make a difference to our outcomes in life it is the thing that does make the difference, when you see these people talking now they are positive, upbeat determined, their messages are delivered with an authority because they know it to be true and not because they are trying desperately to find the right words to inspire you to hit like, their message is clear and if you watch over a period of time you will find that it really does not ever change.

I watched a video interview with Grant Cardone, the interviewer was asking the same boring questions about his money and what advice would he give to his 21 year old self, the one thing he said that stuck with me is that you have to pick one voice/personality and stick with them, there is too much information to follow everybody and cover all your bases by taking on all their messages, think about it like a roulette table, if you covered every conceivable bet you would technically win, but if you think about it you would still not be any better off as the cost of doing that would out weigh the returns from the winning bets, problem is the “chips” in this case is our time, and there isn’t enough of it.

The answer is to invest, invest in yourself through knowledge and direction, pick one thing you think has possibilities for you and research it to exhaustion, invest time in checking into peoples stories, google names if you can find information that backs up what they say, and I do not mean a load of video testimonials and if you do look at video testimonials then look at them closely, I always laugh when you see this guy or gal that has discovered this system that now makes them 20k a week while they are sitting on a beach in the Bahamas, but they chose to do the testimonial from their mums house on the day when she is gathering up the washing!

So pick one, Affiliate marketing, Self publishing, Drop Shipping, Shopify whichever takes your fancy, if you really think about all are valid ways to make money, as I have said before the internet is so vast and the global economy is shifting so quickly that when people want something they now naturally look at Amazon first, in fact I and others even check with Amazon before buying something when I am in a shop! the world is trying to save money and this is being passed onto our kids soon we will breed out going to shops to buy normal things, as our children grow up in an increasingly on demand world.

Then when you have that thing pursue it with every ounce of time and effort you can, read about it, build websites, get good at what you are doing then launch it and when it is launched watch it and make any changes you can, buy courses from the people that have made it, after all the stuff they giveaway free is good but but they are out to make money and guess what, you cannot hold that against them because that is what we are all trying to do.

For what it is worth I have chosen to look at affiliate marketing, I did previously look at Day Trading and Stock Market in General, but I weighed it up like this, there are plenty of courses out there and plenty of people that will sell you courses and promise 1k or 2k a day in six weeks or less with their 99$ system, without mentioning that traders spend Years and I mean Years, honing their skills and losing money one day and making it the next, I, at 43 years old just haven’t got the luxury of lone responsibility that is needed to accept those losses.

In summary life does not begin at 40, it simply carries on, if you want it to carry on the way it has to this point then that is awesome, either you have made a massive success of your life or you simply see no reason to change, I, however have realised that nothing I have done so far has made my life any more easy and that is what I want, not passive income because it does not exist, but I want the ability to choose when I work and for how long, and to create the wealth that is needed to live without worrying about money, you can join the rat race for free but you have to buy your way out! crucially though it does not end at 40, it is that bit harder than it was 10 years previously, you have less time, and more responsibility so the best thing to do is stop talking about it and start working at whatever the hell it is you are going to do.

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