Fast Morning Workout

Quick morning workout to start the day

Skipping 15 minutes

Believe it or not skipping is more than just a way to show that our action hero boxer is training really hard for next fight in our favourite film, there is a very good reason why boxers / martial artists skip, there are many anecdotal articles and some scientific backed articles describing the benefits, firstly 15 minutes of skipping can burn around 150 calories, this is ideal done before you eat in the morning as you will set off in a deficit already and after getting you heart rate up will feel more awake and energised, it will shake of the sleep stiffness and has been shown to help with bone density due to the impact as well as improving stability and balance and providing exercise for the full body due to engaging all muscles to perform.

Plie 20 repetitions

Please excuse the missing accent from the word, my keyboard is not co-operating, this seems a bit of an odd one but believe me it works, after skipping it just gently stretches the muscles of the legs and arms and introduces some movement to your knees.


Quick full body stretches more to maintain flexibility, standing straight with feet just over hip width apart, straighten your back and gently roll you head to the left once and to the right once, lower your head to your chest and then allow to hang back as far as comfortable DO NOT FORCE THIS AT ALL, GENTLY AND CONTROLLED IS THE WAY.

Then with feet still hip width apart and keeping your back straight and engaged, bend from the hips forward as far as you can go until you feel the stretch in your hamstrings do not push so far as to cause pain, hold this position for 20 seconds then slowly come back to standing, then repeat this to the right again with back flat and engaged (no rounded backs) hold for 20 seconds then return, repeat this on the right side and once again to the front.

Straddle stretch next, seated put your legs out to either side as far as is comfortable and again with a flat engaged back and not letting shoulders round over bend forward from the hips as far as to feel a stretch, repeat the pattern as above to the left and right and once again to the front.


A strong core is essential, it provides more than just a flat stomach, it allows us to move around easier and with less pain and if you are anything like me, that tight flat feeling in my abdominals after completing training always makes me feel just that little bit stronger and more confident, this always shows through in interactions with others so it is the exercise that keeps on giving, also strong Abs are only half the story so we will be doing a complete core workout as quickly as possible,

Aim to hold each plank for a minute, start with traditional front plank (start of a push-up) and hold, then move immediately to the left side either on your elbow or with your supporting arm extended (remember not to lock out your arm) then right and finally on your back with arms pointing straight down from the shoulders and body flat so only your palms and your heels are in contact with the floor, do a reverse or back plank, repeat this cycle twice shaking out your wrists after each plank to keep the blood flowing, you may want to adjust this to an elbow plank if you have trouble with your wrists and as always make sure you are comfortable with what you are doing.


The goal of this is to simply get you moving in the morning, and not to take up a huge amount of time while doing it, I appreciate that we can’t all get up at 4:30am and go wandering around for cardio, just as much as we all haven’t got the space to stand skipping in the back garden like a person possessed, but in these circumstances we have to adapt, it is all too easy to say “I haven’t got time” or “I haven’t got space” and just not do anything but if you stop and think about it, you can work around the issues that you have, for example, skipping, if you haven’t got room outside to skip with a rope or simply do not want to for some reason then skipping without a rope inside is just as good, sure you won’t be able to develop flash hand over hand skills and of course it won’t be as effective as with a rope, but ask yourself “is it more effective than sitting down with a coffee?” the answer is yes it is, and all you have to do to take advantage of this is stand up and do it,

Same goes for the planks and so on, when I started Yoga I could barely move, but I soon learned that although I could not fold myself double like the trainers in the videos, what I needed to do was apply the Energy of the action, to keep fighting for the full expression and slowly day by day my body reacted.

I hope that at least some people try this quick workout in the morning, it is what I use if I am running really short of time, and you will feel so much better knowing that even within the first 30 minutes of the day you have done something to move you closer to your goals, you are more awake and ready to go out and bring all other goals one step closer.

Photo by theformfitness from Pexels

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