Importance of Blogging

“Blogs are the cave paintings of the future and if nothing else they will convey an accurate representation of personal intent and community acceptance”


Since starting this I have had the privilege to read many other peoples blogs, and as such I have had the opportunity to hear about other points of view, popular subjects that I never heard of and of course social comment on things that are important to me, not important to me and that I never knew were important.

There are a lot of blog posts offering advice on how to blog to become successful, often times these remain true to their intent, they are a considered and in most cases excellently executed instruction manual on the Process, they contain at length suggestions on when to post, what to post and how to keep an existing audience engaged as well as attract new followers, where this falls down however is when these same blogs start to question the moral ideals of the blogger, and the validity of the messages anybody chooses to put out, the two things cannot co-exist as a true-ism of the writers intent, in my opinion the offering of a formula to a process is to negate the ability to question the reason or validity of content, if you recognise a formula then you yourself have sat at a keyboard haunted by a blank page and the desire to satisfy the perceived desire of your followers, immediately you provide a mechanical process for producing content you negate the content and show it to be a fraud simply filling column inches for a pay day, be that likes or money.

It is of the utmost importance to blog and catalogue the changes of mankind, now more than ever the world is changing at a pace only the internet journalists can keep up with, the debate as to which drives which, the media driving life or life and society driven by the media they choose to consume is one for another day but no matter what is written it stands as a permanent and irrefutable documentation of the authors thoughts and feelings at the time, just as fake blogs to get likes are transparently obvious, the intent can be spotted a mile away when reading a shallow post or article.

Personally my intent is to provide an education to and provide a path for people to genuinely change their lives for the better, but have I put posts together just to provide some content? occasionally yes, and they stand out like a sore thumb along with the views and likes of the audience (lack thereof)

This is just my opinion mind you and I am sure that there will be people that agree and disagree, but my view is to let people write what they want, if at first it is a cynical ploy to simply make money by providing warmed over plagiarism people will notice and view the content accordingly, the worst case scenario is that the author will simply stop writing and move onto some other venture, the best case is that through luke warm reception they may just decide to write from the heart and put their message to the test.

I have only just started but for what it is worth, write what matters to you, what you have in your head and your heart, if that is dick and fart jokes so be it, if it is a commentary on society and a considered critique of that society then so be it, be you and there will be people to listen, be fake and you will gain acceptance at first but you will soon lose once the first painted layer of commonality between you and your readers is stripped away leaving lack of depth of knowledge for all to see.

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