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As promised I have just started my book list, I will give my honest opinion and hopefully you will find the books useful, my aim is to pick people that have demonstrated the ability to achieve what they are talking about, after all would you take driving lessons from somebody who couldn’t drive but had read a book by somebody who could?

The world is full of people that can speak with authority on a range of subjects without any real background in those subjects just be standing on the shoulders of the giants who have put in the work, but true practitioners people who can walk the walk as well will always be noticeable, if it is money they are talking about, look close they will have the five thousand dollar watch on and tailored clothes, if it is bodybuilding they will look like a bodybuilder not just another guy at the gym and in any discipline they will speak with the air of certainty and authority that only comes from an understanding of the subject matter at a subconscious level, like walking or riding a bike it is second nature to them.

The world around us has been built on the shoulders of giants and that is fine, just be careful which ones you chose to stand on because some lack the strength of their narrative.

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